7 herbs to eat to live your period better

There’s nothing fun about the rules, that’s for sure. No woman will dispute this point. The period before the rules may be even worse for some. Breast tenderness, changing moods, bloating, headaches and other symptoms can last a week or more before menstruation begins.

As uncomfortable as the period may be, there are ways to relieve this monthly pain. One of them is the use of adaptogenic plants that act to balance the body.

What are adaptogenic herbs?

Adaptogenic herbs regulate cortisol and help balance hormones, giving the body the ability to better manage stress. They act like a pre-programmed thermostat, which adjusts to create the perfect ambient temperature without any unpleasant side effects. In addition to regulating cortisol levels, here are some examples of what adaptogenic plants can do to help minimize premenstrual syndrome and menstruation discomfort:

-They reduce inflammation

-They improve adrenal functions

-They stimulate the immune system

-They stimulate mental and physical endurance

-They improve communication between the brain and the adrenal glands

Here are the 8 best adaptogenic herbs that can help you manage your premenstrual syndrome and live your next period better:

The maca

Hot flashes and night sweats are not the preserve of menopause. Many people suffer from hot flashes and sweat before their period. The main cause is due to fluctuations in estrogen. Maca grows in the Highlands of the Andes in central Peru, where its root has been cultivated as a vegetable for more than 3000 years. This relative of the radish smells of caramel and is known for its medicinal properties. This root with powerful properties can help balance your hormones and reduce the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome while stimulating the immune system and thyroid. Maca is usually a capsule or powder.

The pink orpin

Many women suffer from excessive fatigue before and during their period. The rose orin is a perennial flowering plant found in the Arctic regions of Asia, Europe and North America where it grows in ground cover. This adaptogenic herb can help manage stress hormones while boosting your energy levels. In addition, rose orpin extract helps promote healthy progesterone.

Siberian ginseng

Have you ever suffered from a lack of concentration during your period? Your mind wanders, and the simplest tasks become monumental undertakings. Lack of concentration and an inability to be productive just before menstruation are common. Siberian ginseng, also known as Russian ginseng or wild pepper, can not only improve your energy levels, but also boost your concentration. In addition, research shows that this plant can help reduce stress-related anxiety and depression and, as a bonus, increase libido. Warning: do not use this plant if you have high blood pressure!

Tiger grass

If you are already stressed, premenstrual syndrome can lead you into an infernal spiral. Tiger grass can help. This small perennial herbaceous plant is native to the wetlands of Asia and is also known as Centella Asiatica. This herb helps stimulate adrenal function so that you can have the energy to get through your period of menstruation.

The caterpillar fungus

This strange-looking medicinal fungus helps balance the level of sugar in your blood, which is usually the primary cause of cravings before and during menstruation. If you’re having trouble keeping away from the fridge, this supplement may be worth a try. In addition to helping stabilize your blood sugar levels, the caterpillar fungus also helps stimulate your adrenal glands and improve your liver function. Scientific research recommends the use of this fungus as an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Indian ginseng

Many women suffer from severe difficulty falling asleep before and during their period. Indian ginseng helps lower cortisol levels and promotes a state of rest and calm. Being both tired and hypersensitive creates a stressful situation for the body and Indian ginseng can help you soothe this problem. In addition, it can decrease anxiety, promote healthy sleep, memory, energy and libido. It can also, when used over a long period of time, help you reduce heavy bleeding during menstruation and eliminate uterine fibroids.

Warning: Indian ginseng is a member of the solanaceae family, to be avoided if you are sensitive to food from this family.

The liquorice root

If your skin becomes oily and you suffer from rashes before and during your period, the cause may be testosterone. The liquorice root blocks the production of androgens which can cause pimples to appear once a month. In addition to fighting germs and viruses, this root can increase your energy levels and reduce inflammation.

Warning: Do not eat this plant if you have high blood pressure.

One last important point: as with any supplement, it is always best to consult your GP before using these plants. They can be very powerful.

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