7 tips to apply before bedtime for a good night’s sleep

The power of a good night’s sleep is often underestimated, but it can never be overestimated. We spend about a third of our lives sleeping and we couldn’t survive without that downtime. Without quality sleep, your body has neither the time nor the energy to cool down and rebuild. In the wee hours of the night, your body works: it ensures important things like storing long-term memories or circulating hormones that strengthen the immune system.

Are you having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep?

If you’re having trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, you’ve probably tried a number of so-called sleeping pills, or a hot bath before bed, a lavender spray for your pillow or a chamomile herbal tea. For some, these measures are effective, but for others, they do not solve sleep problems. This is when unusual sleep strategies are required.

Some strange tips to help you fall asleep

If you have sleep problems, try these strange but effective tricks to fall asleep and stay asleep longer! Don’t worry if some of these suggestions seem a little weird. They are. But try them, and you may be surprised at how effective they are on your sleep!

Go camping:

Camping is a great way to shift your natural sleep cycle to the natural rhythm of night and day. Our circadian rhythm depends on sun exposure, and if you are out in the woods, your body tunes to natural sunlight. It wakes you up in the morning, at daytime, and falls asleep as soon as the sun sets. Keep in mind that you should not take your laptop, phone or tablet with you on your excursion. All these things interfere with your natural sleep cycle! Instead, go hiking, cycle, kayak and enjoy time by the fire with your friends. It’s a great way to end your insomnia once and for all.

Force yourself to stay awake:

yes, it may seem crazy, but actively trying not to sleep can actually help you sleep better. Have you ever spent hours in bed, perfectly awake, trying not to think about the fact that you can’t fall asleep? It’s like telling your brain not to think of oranges. What’s he doing in this case? He starts showing you pictures of oranges. Frustrating, isn’t it? So tell yourself that you are not going to sleep, and your brain will see this as an injunction to go to sleep, and very quickly you will fall asleep. This is called the sleep paradox.  Just tell yourself that you’re not going to fall asleep without drinking coffee or engaging in stimulating activities, such as playing on your phone or watching TV. You can try to stay awake by thinking about your day, keeping your eyes open and often blinking, reading a book, listening to music or engaging in quiet activity such as knitting. Very soon, you’ll fall asleep.

Hide all your clocks:

for most people, a clock is as easy to find as a mobile phone. There’s one at your fingertips. When you want to sleep, don’t be afraid to lose all sense of time. It turns out that time awareness can be one of the main reasons why we don’t fall asleep as fast as we should. Constantly checking the time stresses us and prevents us from falling asleep. Set your phone alarm and drop it off in another room – not next to your bed, where it’s easy to access to check the time.

Tell yourself a story:

the stories told to fall asleep are not just for children! Everyone can take advantage of a good story to fall asleep. A fiction short book works well before bedtime. Choose a book full of stories that you can enjoy in small bites. Fiction is what we experience when we dream, and when we are in REM sleep, we dream of fictional scenarios based vaguely on our life stories. If you deliberately put your brain into story mode, it’s like telling them it’s time to start relaxing and falling asleep.

Make the pear tree:

as strange as it sounds, it really works! By making pear trees, fresh blood flows to the hypothalamus and pituitary glands of our brain, which control all the other glands in our body. Making pear also cleanses and detoxifies the adrenal glands, which stimulate positive thinking and keep depressive thoughts away. When you have less worry and anxiety, it’s much easier to give in to restful sleep. Before trying to make pear, it is essential to work to get a solid body. Once your trunk is solid, follow a professional exercise instructions on how to make a pear tree properly. Keep the pear position for 1 to 5 minutes before returning to the upright position and going to bed.

Breathe through your left nostril:

as if standing on your head down is not weird enough, here we advise you to breathe through the left nostril. And, again, strange as it may seem, it really works. Focusing your attention on your breathing is a great way to let go, free yourself from your anxiety and even let yourself slip into a restful sleep. Put a finger on your right nostril and inhale slowly and intentionally through your left nostril. According to yogi science, the left nostril is a pathway to Ida energy, which represents the energy of the moon: calm, soothing and passive. The right nostril is associated with the sun or the so-called Pingala energy, which is awake, active and fiery. If you’re having trouble falling asleep because your mind is racing, gently cover your right nostril and inhale from the left. This will activate your parasympathetic reaction and get you out of the “fight/run” mode, allowing you to relax calmly

Tighten your muscles:

tighten your muscles is like a massage you do to yourself. However, there is nothing like a massage to relax and enter into a deep relaxation. This progressive muscle relaxation exercise is a great way to get to a peaceful state. Follow these instructions for your own self-massage:

-Lie on your back and take a deep breath.

-With your hands, shake your toes as if you wanted to wrap them under your feet. Hold this position for a minute and then release.

-Inspire again, tighten your feet and pull your toes towards your shins.

-Continue to do the same with toes, feet, calves, thighs, legs, stomach, buttocks, chest, arms, shoulders, neck, face and up to the top of the head.

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