Can we drink sparkling water?

We all love a good glass of filtered flat water. It keeps us hydrated, gives us life, improves the condition of our skin and nourishes our body. However, and I will be the first to admit it, drinking pure, tasteless and no-frills water every day, without the slightest variation, can become frankly boring. Of course, there are various ways to spice up your water, for example by adding fruit infusion or mint. But sometimes we just want that irresistible sparkling sensation in the mouth. Instead of turning to soda for your soft drink, try sparkling water. Here’s everything you need to know about sparkling water. And, by the way, some a priori demystified.

Can sparkling water erode the enamel of your teeth?

Many people avoid sparkling water because of the widespread myth that the high acid content of this water can destroy your teeth and erode your enamel. The truth is much more complicated. Carbonic acid, which is the acid produced by the combination of carbon dioxide and water (which creates bubbles!), has a slight corrosive effect on the hardness of the outer shell of your teeth. However, this corrosion is almost imperceptible and is of concern only when you drink sparkling water with added aromas and sugar. To put things in perspective, sugary soda is about 100 times more damaging than sparkling water. Sugar is clearly the culprit in this case, although carbonation is often unfairly accused.

Is sparkling water bad for your bones?

Teeth are not the only bones that people worry about when it comes to sparkling water. However, an in-depth study of more than 2,500 people has shown that, once again, sodas are the only soft drinks you should avoid, as they can significantly reduce bone density.

Sparkling water can help you achieve satiety

Sparkling water can be a drink of choice if you are trying to lose weight or reduce the size of your plate. It can even help you keep food in your stomach longer, which can allow you to lengthen the time between meals and stay full.

It can relieve constipation

The benefits of sparkling water may help you stimulate an inactive intestine. Studies show that constipation, stomach problems and even chronic stomach pain can all be relieved by carbonation. Sip a glass of sparkling water every time your digestive tract causes you concern.

It moisturizes as well as flat water

Since sparkling water is, in practice, only carbon-containing water, it works in exactly the same way as regular filtered water and can also hydrate you. Sparkling water can cause indigestion if consumed too quickly and, as mentioned above, gives you a feeling of fullness, so make sure you drink enough of it. It is preferable to drink it in small sips throughout the day rather than as the main source of hydration.

How to drink sparkling water?

As we have just seen, most of the concerns about sparkling water are unfounded. Sparkling water or Seltz water remains a perfectly safe and healthy way to make your daily drinks a little more interesting. Especially if the alternative is soda. Add sparkling water to your diet as a complementary beverage. However, don’t forget to drink plenty of filtered water, especially after exercise. Choosing good sparkling water is not about taking the first bottle you find at the grocery store. Follow these tips to make sure you protect your health and get the best quality possible.

Avoid industrial flavoured water: any sparkling water containing natural or artificial flavours should be avoided. Manufacturers can sneak many unpleasant ingredients under these general lists, so it’s best to stick to regular sparkling water.

Add your own aromas: just like regular water, it is possible to sparkle your soft drink more intensely by adding fruity ice cubes, herbs or stevia.

Prefer mineral sparkling water: mineral sparkling water is nothing more than sparkling water with a little extra: it is enriched with natural minerals that increase the benefits of water and make it even healthier.

So, should we drink sparkling water? The answer to this question is entirely up to you. Do you enjoy the taste and do you like to have a little sparkle in your life? Are you definitely trying to stop drinking soda and need something to help you change your habits? Or are you tired of the water and are you looking for a healthy way to make it more interesting? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then sparkling water is an attractive and inexpensive solution that will suit you.

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