Don’t waste time on passers-by in life.

I recently designed three annual commemorative T-shirts for the company, and when I did an internal survey, I found that each one was liked and disliked. Nearly 70% of the most popular ones are interested, but that means 30% are not interested in or even dislike the T-shirt.

I suddenly wondered, assuming I’m this T-shirt, would I be sad?

No one should be afraid to “be hated for being themselves.”

It feels a little ridiculous, what’s so sad about T-shirts? Rainbow has seven colors, everyone likes and dislikes the color, if there is a part of people hate red today, then red should be sad? No, red shouldn’t be sad because it’s a red that someone hates, because red is the way it is.

In fact, people often make this logical mistake, afraid of being hated, afraid of being denied, afraid that someone does not identify with themselves. But we turn to think, even Jesus, Confucius, such a once-in-a-century difficult, influencing the human civilization of the mentor, there are many people criticized, and even vilified to the unimaginable realm, not to mention our city well small people?

When I was in college, a friend once told me, “Do you know who’s that and who’s going to talk to you in private?” My answer was, “Oh, yes, yes.” My friend squizzed and asked me increderable, “Aren’t you angry?” He criticizes you like that! You are clearly not that kind of person.

I told him calmly, “This is life ah, I did not say other people gossip, people and people will have different views of each other.” Like a product, how to succeed will also be some people do not like, there will not be one thing at the same time to meet everyone’s preferences. Unless, as in the Cultural Revolution, everyone is violently forced to shout the same slogan, it is only superficial.

Remember, “Auntie doesn’t like Pikachu.”

To put it another way, let’s say I’m a brand today, and the brand is positioned to be dominated by young consumers, and a 50-year-old aunt says she doesn’t like my brand. So, am I going to review it? In real life, many people are affected by these negative words, living in the shadow of criticism that is not really their target market at all.

In other words, when someone rejects you, you might as well ask yourself: Auntie doesn’t like Pikachu, is it Pikachu’s fault?

So, what is our target market? It is the friends and family around us who love us, these people are the people who will really follow us through the years, these people are really care, really want to work for them. If today our family and friends suggest that we should correct the point, then we should listen to the loyalty, thinking about improvement, put in mind.****

Another view is that in a survey, 80% of people like this thing, and 20% don’t like it. Do you want to feel bad about those two-in-ones? Put aside 80% of your preferences because 20% are dissatisfied? No one will see it that way. But in the face of negative attacks, it is not strange that we often forget the many friends around us who support us and love us, forget their encouragement and companionship, but focus on the negative energy of a few people who pass through our lives, or even want to end life or something like that?

Don’t care about passers-by in life.

A few days ago a friend told me that he was in a network news under the debate with others, playing thousands of words of articles, with the other side of the quarrel, feel that the other side unreasonable, so that he was angry to death. I burst out laughing when I heard it. I asked him why he was angry with passers-by on the Internet. Echo communication is a great thing, but a lot of online news under the message string has become the speaker of each other boring scolding. When I think about it, I find it very interesting.

For that passer-by, he only looked at a two-second article boring back to you a vulgar scolding, he did not care about this matter, but many people to defend themselves, toss a whole day, in fact, no one else in view, only their own really care about this matter. This feeling is like the primary school students playing online games, with people PK after the gas to smash the computer.

If because of an unseen network passer-by, next door next door class who who who, other departments of A-B-C casually said a word on the gas to no, it is a waste of good life. These people are not our target market, they are just passers-by in life. Assuming, of course, that his proposal is constructive, it should be reflected and not sad, because constructive reminders will make us better who we are. But if because many passers-by in life pass by and spray a few dirty words, the mood drops to the bottom, think they have no value, it is also quite absurd. In fact, in the face of that kind of thing, but also laugh three times even. Life should be wasted on someone you love.

I’ve written a lot of articles on different platforms. Some people like it, but there are also many criticisms. Some of the more uninspicuous, will use some uncomfortable words to teach. So, am I going to be unhappy because of this? No, this is a democratic and free society, everyone can voice, we should learn to respect the views of all. Because of how to look at this thing, it is “his family’s business”, I can write articles to share opinions, he can certainly express views.

Don’t let this “family thing” become a troubled thing, it is not worth it, life has unlimited opportunities and possibilities. Like running a marathon, it is impossible to step on the road of small stones, the pain to stop or give up, but to stand up to these pain, bravely run to the pole. In the end, these imprints will make your victory even brighter.

Criticism, dissying, people hating us… This kind of thing is usually frustrating. But we open up and think, today you heard a certain A criticism or hate your news, the first to ask, this A is important to your life?

Assuming that a certain A is our family, dear friends, that is important, then a profound review is not where can be improved. But if you’re just someone you don’t know, or even don’t know, and you get a misunderstanding because you don’t know your nature, then go with him, and there’s nothing to be angry about. Because we are only a topic after tea for him, put him in mind, but to overestimate his position in our lives.

Wouldn’t it be funny if Mr. Trump himself responded to the sour words of his Twitter followers today, made a big fight, and then had a bad day and missed the state? We are all kings and presidents of our own lives, to see higher. It’s like walking down the road one day, encountering a neurosis and seeing you swear out with your mouth full of swear words. Is it necessary to get angry with him and ask for justice? If you’re talking to a neurologist, someone else will treat us as neurotic.

So how do you face irrational criticism and denial? The first thing to accept is that this is bound to happen. As long as it’s an individual, there must be people who hate it, or some parts don’t agree with it. This is not a problem, the problem is that if this inevitable thing into depression, affecting daily life, will become a problem. But this problem was not caused by the critic, it was created by ourselves.

What should you think of those who misunderstand you?

The popular film “Miracle Boy” at the end of 2017 tells the story of a ten-year-old boy named Ogi, with a genetic defect called “Trichet-Collins disease”, so that the face deformation is like being pliers from the middle. Ogi’s first day of school because of the ugly face of the students cast a different look, go home to her mother crying.

“Everyone thinks I’m ugly!” he cried hysterically. They don’t want to play with me!
Ogi’s mother reassured, “Oggy, you’re not ugly at all.” Ogi retorted, “You’re my mother!”
Mom responded, “It’s because I’m you, that’s the most important thing, because I’m the one who knows you best.”

This touching clip gives me a lot of inspiration. Sometimes we shouldn’t look at people who don’t know us, who don’t know your life, who don’t know what you’ve been through, who can only see the surface and say a word of lack of virtue. You shouldn’t be frustrated or sad about it because they’re just judging from the surface they see, and you’re not that superficial surface.

At the same time, there are many people who love you deeply, who put you first in your heart, who really know your story, who are willing to share your sorrow and joy, and these are the people you want to pay attention to. Even if the whole world misunderstands you, you are still you, the people who love you, your family and friends, will always be there for you.

So don’t ignore the most important people in your life! Because you will always be you, will not be changed by other people’s misunderstandings and gossip, just as you are clearly a Taiwanese, someone has said that you are Korean, even if the world believes him and mistakenly think you are Korean, but the fact that you are Taiwanese will not change.

The only thing we should be afraid of is whether we will mistake these negative words for being able to knock ourselves down and compromise with them to admit defeat. Always stand up straight and move forward, because when you bravely move forward, these people will become the decoration behind you, getting smaller and smaller, until they disappear in your life.

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