The Parliament is developing a strategy in the health sector of Ukraine until 2030

The Parliament is developing a strategy in the health sector of Ukraine for the period up to 2030, said MP, head of the parliamentary committee of Ukraine on the health of the nation, medical care and health insurance Mikhail Radutsky.

“First of all, there was no strategy… The last strategy was in 2016 under Kvitashvili. Secondly, the strategy, which is currently being developed, is being developed until 2030,” Radutsky said at the “Reform Forum: on the way to Vilnius” in Kiev on Tuesday.

The PARLIAMENTARIAN also spoke about the initiatives of the committee headed by him in the health sector of Ukraine.

As for what we do, what we plan to do. Transition targeting the health care system from treatment policy to disease prevention policy. That’s the first one. The second is the resurgence of competition. There is no difference, what form of ownership of the institution, they have to compete with each other the quality of services, the price of services, “- explained the MP.

According to him, work is also underway to ensure equal access of all Ukrainian citizens to medicine, the so-called Universal coverage. “Maximum coverage for all citizens of Ukraine on those guaranteed medical packages that are being developed by the NHS,” Radutsky explained.

At the same time, he noted that a new law on public health, which speaks about the prevention of diseases and epidemiological control, is almost ready.

In addition, Radutsky said that in cooperation with the EU, work is underway on the preparation of a new law on medicines and medicines, which will be copied by 99% from the 83rd EU directive.

According to him, work is underway on the preparation of an anti-smoking law. “The anti-tobacco law is being prepared, but at present we unfortunately have a very large lobbying resistance to this law. We are in a war, because for some reason this law was taken from the national health committee and handed over to the tax committee, although there is no speech in that law on money,” the MP said.

“These were not deputies of the “People’s Servants” who initiated it, but we are fighting with colleagues from the committee. After all, this bill will come to our committee, and we will do everything possible to ban us in Ukraine, reduce the opportunity, especially young people, to start smoking,” Radutsky said.

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