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Top 10 Gospel Artistes In Nigeria 2020


The entire Nigerian music industry can be broadly categoried into two, one half is secular stream and the other is the gospel end of it. The secular stream in the past years seem to always overwhelm the gospel stream.

However, in the past few years, the gospel stream has stepped up massively in a bid to level the competition. Now in the gospel sector we have artistes churning hits with massive numbers in terms of streams and YouTube views. Sinach, a gospel singer, became the second or third Nigerian artiste to clock over 100 million on her music video before other secular artistes.

These days, Nigerian gospel artistes are influencial, well paid, host sold out concerts and more. We unveil our list of top gospel artistes in Nigeria.

Top 10 Gospel Artistes In Nigeria 2020

1. Sinach


Born Osinachi Joseph, the Nigerian gospel singer came into limelight as a worship leader at Believers’ Loveworld Inc. aka Christ Embassy. Beyond being a worship leader in her church Sinach has been one of the most bankable gospel artistes in Nigeria over the past few years. Sinach makes you understand that being a gospel artiste can be really lucrative and you could also pull off huge numbers like the secular music acts. Sinach was the third Nigerian artiste to have grossed over a 100 million views on YouTube for her song ‘Way Maker‘. Her impact does not end with her immediate church but it’s global. 

Recently, YouTube gave her a plaque as she joined the small list of Nigerian who have over 1 million subscribers on her channel.

2. Nathaniel Bassey

Nathaniel Bassey

One of the biggest influences in the Nigerian gospel music industry has to be the tall trumpeter and singer Nathaniel Bassey. Since his breakthrough song ‘Someone’s At The Door‘, the worship leader has kept his head up in his industry over the years. He has released some of the biggest contemporary gospel tunes in Nigeria and Africa. In 2017, Nathaniel pioneered an online worship challenge tagged #halleluyahchallenge. The movement got so big even secular colleagues joined in. You can’t go wrong jamming any of his albums as they’re still pure fire until date.

3. Mercy Chinwo

Mercy Chinwo

Hardly Christian out there who hasn’t come around Mercy Chinwo’s songs from the internet or probably in church. Her first shot at fame came after she won one of the editions of defunct Nigerian Idols. She had everything at her disposal to become a secular musician but she chose to stick with the gospel side of things. A couple years after, Mercy is easily rated as top-three gospel artistes across Nigeria. 

While she has been singing and doing her thing over the years, her biggest break came from her song ‘Excess Love‘ from her album ‘The Cross: My Gaze‘. In fact, the entire album is a gem. She has ministered in some of the biggest churches in Nigeria and outside.

4. Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey

Tim Godfrey and his Xtreme Crew have been a blessing to the world of Gospel music here in Nigeria. Year after year Tim has proved to be consistent in delivering top notch gospel music to the Christian community. His style gives a balance between the old classics and the modern & trendy. He has pushed boundaries in his community by reaching outside the shores of Nigeria and collaborating with other leading gospel musicians. 

In 2019, Tim Godfrey sold out the prestigious Eko Hotel Convention Centre for his gospel concert, first of its kind. 

Every year, Tim offers something new that’s why he is highly rated among his peers. 

5. Frank Edwards

 Frank Edwards

Franky, another amazing talent from Believers’ Loveworld, is one of the most recognised gospel singers in  Nigeria over the past 10 years. He had his way of bringing the funk to gospel music in Naija. His breakthrough song ‘You Too Dey Bless Me’ is not only a classic but revolutionary. Over the years Frank Edwards has not only been prolific but has put on a lot of other music talents in the gospel music scene. 

He is one guy you would look at and sense gospel artistes are capable of getting the bag and enjoy the finer things of life. 

6. Tope Alabi

Tope Alabi

The revered singer isn’t quite a newcomer, in fact she has been around longer than those mentioned before her. She is best known recently for her resurgent tune ‘Aye Le‘ popularly used by skit makers and Instagram comedians. Her songs mostly reflect her Yoruba origin where she is overtly adored. Tope Alabi is a fantastic worship leader and minister. In more recent times, the singer has collaborated more, made more appearance on social media and has kept the music coming too. 

She is a popular feature at gospel concerts across western Nigeria. 

7. Steve Crown

Steve Crown

When it comes to the world of gospel music in Nigeria, one name you would hear is Steve Crown. His ministry as a gospel singer and worship leader has been impactful across the Christian folks around this region. Some of those beautiful worship songs you must have heard are from Steve Crown, ‘You Are Yahweh‘, ‘You Are Great‘, etc. For his lifestyle he keeps it quiet and low-key.

8. Mike Abdul

Mike Abdul

Mike is a top gospel singer, however, he is mostly remembered as a member of the sensational gospel music group Midnight Crew. Besides being a part of the group, Mike Abdul enjoys a solo career with his own personal discography. Mike has a career that spans over a decade. He is your go-to-guy for a sweaty, energetic praise session, his live performances are often very intense. He is a regular face across gospel concerts in Nigeria. 

9. Eben 


Eben is not just a gospel music act, but his genre of music largely tilts to rock with heavy guitar influences. Over the Eben has grown to become one of the most sought after gospel artistes in Nigeria. He has a prolific discography you might want to check out. His magic would be his ability to stay relevant in his industry year after year. 

10. Joe Praize

Joe Praise

On our list of top 10 gospel artistes in Nigeria is the amazing Joe Praise. He may be the last on the list but he is no way the least of the aforementioned names. One beautiful thing about his career as a gospel artiste is that he actually puts in work in serving some of the best gospel songs you would hear around. He is a fantastic praise and worship leader.